A New Frontier

If I walked up to you and asked you for a game of Frontier would you know what I’m talking about? Some of you may but some won’t, so I’m here to inform you.

What is Frontier?

Frontier is the newest format taking magic by storm. It has been described as a post-modern format. This constructed format is set out very similarly to modern, standard or legacy with 60 card decks, maximum of four of the same card (excluding basic lands). The difference is you can only play cards with the new borders. This means cards that were printed from the set Magic 2015 to any present day set, excluding supplemental sets like Conspiracy or Commander.

Where it came from?

Though I am not a Frontier expert the idea has been around for a while, with people getting bored of the price of Modern and the constant rotation of Standard. This was taken on board by a Japanese gaming store called Hareuya who have made it into a relatively big thing. Multiple shops over the world have tried it out and Channel Fireball have agreed to start holding Frontier side events at their Grand Prix.

Why should you care?

Why should you care? To be honest I’m not certain this format will take off but it does have some big backers and the decks look amazing. I started playing mtg just before M15 came out so I happen to have played with a lot of these cards and own a fair few. This means you don’t have to feel so sad when your favourite card rotates out of standard as you can just make a Frontier deck.

What decks look like

Luckily Mtg Goldfish have been displaying Frontier decks that have been played in tournaments recently. This list will give you a good idea of what you can build.

Personally, as a lover of Tempo I have constructed a Jeskai Deck. It combines my favourite spirits, with agressive tempo creatures and some nice utility. I also get to use smugglers copters, and as they have been banned they are super cheap.


I have plenty of friends that are building Frontier decks, so why don’t you get some of your friends together and give it a go or even give me a game.

Remember, cards from M15 onwards are legal.




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